EGS1005 5-Port Gigabit Switch EnGeniusหาดใหญ่

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EGS1005 5-Port Gigabit Switch  EnGeniusหาดใหญ่

5-Port Gigabit Switch

Attaching home entertainment devices to expand a family’s entertainment options.    

The EnGenius EGS1005 is 5-Port Gigabit Switch for families that need to attach additional home entertainment devices (game consoles, DVRs, HDTVs, Blu-ray players, and set top boxes) to their home's router. Once connected to the router via the EGS1005, these devices can access the family’s Internet connection and access subscription-based entertainment services.

For AV enthusiasts, the EGS1005 is an ideal and cost-effective way to quickly expand the number of entertainment devices in a home theater that have access to one another or the family’s Internet connection available from a gateway or home router. For gamers, the switch's outrageously fast wired speed (up to 1,000 Mbps) eliminates lag and makes multi-player gaming more fun and intense.

The EGS1005 Gigabit Switch is a plug-n-play device that requires no installation apart from plugging it into a power source and connecting other Ethernet-enabled devices to it with Ethernet cable. Once the EGS1005 is connected to a router and other devices are connected it, the devices are all part of the home network and ready to share media content with other devices and access subscription-based services. 

Gigabit Wired Speed
Gigabit Ethernet ports for 10x faster throughput than Fast Ethernet making large file transfers, HD video and other media streaming incredibly fast.